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1. Where do you live?
Australia~! In the state of Victoria.

2. Do you go to conventions?
Yep! I tend to go to furry conventions and occasionally anime/comic/gaming conventions. The fur con I most frequently attend is Furdu.

3. Where do you get your faux fur from?
Either local fabric stores, or! I also order from,,,, and LindaWholeSale on Aliexpress.

4. Can I order one of the fursuits already pictured in your gallery?
No, sorry. I don’t make duplicate suits. Every suit from me is unique!

5. Will you make ____ species?
I will do my best to make any species of creature into a suit! If I think it would be too difficult for me to do well, I would tell you.

6. Do you ship internationally?
Yes! But keep in mind, commissioner always pays shipping, and shipping outside of Australia can get on the expensive side.

7. I’m not 18, can I get my parents to sign for a fursuit commission?
No, sorry! I've decided to take commissions from 18+ clients only. Even if the main transaction is through parents/guardian. I apologise if this causes any inconvenience!

8. I’m not ready to order a suit just yet, but I want a quote to know how much to save. Could you give me a quote?
No. Please wait until you have around about the money you need (check the Fursuit Pricing tab) saved before you ask for a quote! Quoting people takes a lot of time and I need to focus on commissioners who are more or less ready to go.

9. Do I have to have concept art to commission a fursuit?
Yes. You can order one from me if you like! Check out the digital art tab~

10. Can I repost your work on some other website?
No. Please don’t. Even with credit, I would prefer that you didn’t do this without speaking to me directly first. Thanks!

11. How do I make a Duct Tape Dummy? Can I come to you to get it made?
No, you can't come to me to get it done- but there are many great tutorials out there and it's not too difficult! All you need is a friend and a lot of duct tape. 
Here is my own Tutorial on how to make your own DTD!


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