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Please read everything thoroughly before contacting me!


  • You must be 18 years of age or older to commission a suit from me.

  • If I am unsure of your age I may ask for a photo of a government issued ID as proof of age.

  • All quote requests must be submitted through the official google quote request form. 

  • Quotes will only be given during a quote period, which are announced via my social medias.

  • I will only give you a quote if you are ready to commission me. If you want a rough estimate, I ask that you visit my PRICING page for a rough guide.

  • Quotes given are only valid for the next fursuit commission opening. Prices are subject to change after that.

  • The commission can either be paid in full upfront or via a payment plan which will be discussed through email.

  • Once you and I have agreed on a price, a nonrefundable deposit of at least 30% of your total quote is required to secure your commission slot and pay for materials. Clients can choose to pay either in full up front, or in installments via a payment plan. If you're paying via payment plan, the remaining 70% will be paid in installments as agreed via email. This payment plan must take no longer than 8 months or as otherwise agreed upon in writing.

  •  If full payment is not received by the discussed date, your commission may either be canceled or bumped to a later commission block. We have the right to cancel commissions due to late/neglected payments. There is a late payment fee – if a payment is late by 1 week, a $50.00 AUD fee will be added on the 8th day. If 2 or more payments are missed, the commission may be considered abandoned/cancelled.

  • Payment plans that extend 2 or more months past the discussed deadline are subject to a price adjustment. If my prices have changed during that time period, your project price will be adjusted accordingly.

  • If you are an Australian citizen you may pay by bank transfer.

  • If not I will invoice you for payments via Paypal or Square. Once the first one is paid, materials will be ordered. Work will not begin on your commission until you have paid the total amount.

  • The 30% nonrefundable deposit must be paid within a week of you signing this TOS.

  • Once we have agreed on a date for you to send the deposit, you must send it on that date.

  • International customers are responsible for all currency exchange fees and any taxes/tarifs that may apply in your country.​


  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.

  • Anything agreed on by both parties in emails during the commission period is binding.

  • Before your commission starts and before you send me your deposit, I will ask you to sign a copy of my TOS (digitally or on a printed hard copy. If you sign it by hand, please scan it and send me that image. Then when you send your DTD to me, please include that hard copy in the box.)

  • If you rush or abuse me your commission will be dropped. Refunds are at my discretion. 

  • Your costume may be tried on by a model similar in size to you for photos. (Cleaned afterwards)

  • I reserve the right to take/post pictures of any costume I make whilst it is in my hands. These pictures may be posted on my website, and used in other promotions of my work (i.e. on business cards etc.)

  • I am not responsible for any injuries you may incur whilst wearing a costume made by me.

  • Communication is key. Please keep in contact with me and reply to my emails/messages as soon as you can- it is much appreciated!

  • I understand that emergencies happen and things can change, but I am not a bank. If you miss payments or you drop out of contact with me for too long I may have to drop your commission and refund you for whatever work has not been done. I may then change up the design of the character into something unique and sell what has been made. You may also be blacklisted from ever commissioning me again. This is at my discretion.

  • If a client is unreachable via email or Telegram for 30 days, it will be treated as a customer cancellation. The 30% nonrefundable deposit fee will be forfeited to me. As said above, completed or parts in progress will be altered and repurposed for sale. Otherwise, a full refund (minus the 30% non-refundable deposit) will be applied. The client will then be blacklisted.

  • These terms are subject to change at any time and will always apply to your commission.



  • I own two snakes and a dog, and occasionally visit my parents who own several cats. Though I do my best to keep my pets away from my work, it is almost impossible to ensure their dander stays completely separated from work.

  • Commissioned items are cleaned before being sent to the commissioner. However, if you are allergic to cats, dogs or reptiles, perhaps it is best you do not commission me.

  • My home and workspace are drug and cigarette smoke free.



  • A clear, non-shaded, "safe for work" character reference that shows either two or three views of your character is required. I will not work from "NSFW" reference sheets.

  • I don't work from text references. If you do not have concept art, it is possible for you to commission a fursuit character reference from me. Please visit the DIGITAL ART page.

  • Please bare in mind that some markings in art do not translate well into 3D fursuits. 

  • I will charge extra for any changes made to the design after the reference has been submitted. 



  • Shipping will be calculated once your commission is completely finished. Please keep in mind I work in Australia and international shipping may be expensive.

  • The customer will always pay shipping.

  • Product will always be shipped by registered post. You may choose to insure your completed commission at your own expense, just let me know.

  • I am not at all responsible for the package/costume once it leaves my hands. I am not responsible for any lost or damaged product due to the shipping/mail.

  • Customers are responsible for all shipping/postage fees with regards to DTDs, shoes and any other supplies you send to 8Bit-Works.

  • International clients are fully responsible for their countries’ import fees and/or tariffs. These may apply in addition to the shipping fees paid to 8Bit-Works.

  • I will hold a completed costume for no longer than 2 months. If you cannot pay for shipping in that time, you forfeit your costume and the money you paid for the commission. I reserve the right to alter the fursuit parts so that it does not resemble the original character, then sell those parts.



  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are having any issues with your commission whatsoever, I will be happy to help!

  • Refunds will be issued at my discretion and will depend on how much of your suit has been completed.

  • If none of your suit has been completed but materials have been ordered, you will be refunded all money except for the nonrefundable 30% as mentioned above.

  • If some of your suit has been completed, you may receive whatever parts were completed plus the a partial refund. If you do not want these suit parts, I reserve the right to sell them on to someone else.

  • If your suit is over 70% complete (as determined by me), no refund will be given if you cancel the commission.

  • I reserve the right to cancel the commission if I am threatened or harrassed by the commissioner.

  • If you receive a completed project and decide that you don't like it, a refund will not be issued. I provide many work in progress photos throughout the construction process and changes must be requested during that time.


  • At this time, I do not accept deadlines or offer estimated completion dates of any kind. I do not work with convention completion deadlines. This is to ensure that no work is rushed and that you end up with the highest quality. I do not currently offer rush commissions unless specially offered through official social media posts.

  • If you need your suit by a certain date, please inform me, but I cannot guarantee the suit's completion in time.

  • If any delays or issues come up on my end, the client will be notified as soon as possible.



  • Work In Progress photos and updates of your commissioned work will be sent to you via email or Telegram depending on your preferred communication method.

  • Please respond to these WIPs and updates as quickly as possible so that I may move on with work.

  • You can request updates at any time, but please be mindful of frequency and respectful of privacy.

  • Clients who excessively rush me will have their commission cancelled and they will be blacklisted from future commissions.

  • Changes to your commission can be requested during the construction progress. It is the customer's responsibility to notify 8Bit-Works if you want any edits. If the changes are big or time consuming, you may be charged an additional fee.

  • Photos of your commission may also be shown publicly via Twitter and Instagram.

  • If you want your suit to be a secret and you do not wish me to post wips, that's okay! Please let me know in advance.



  • Please make sure your head measurements are accurate and done according to the measurement sheets provided HERE.

  • An accurate Duct Tape Dummy is required for your fursuit to be made if you have commissioned anything that includes a bodysuit. 

  • HERE is a tutorial to make your DTD. Make sure you use strong duct tape that has cloth in it.

  • This duct tape dummy must be fully taped up before it is sent to me. (But leave it unstuffed)

  • The better quality the duct tape dummy is, the better your suit will fit. Please tape all the way to your neck, past your wrists and ankles and mark where they are with a permanent marker. Please tape up to your knuckles but leave the thumb free via a hole. Think long sleeved top with thumb holes. Also tape your feet or just your heels as a part of the DTD.

  • If the DTD is weak, incorrect or broken, I will discard it and you will have to make and send a new one.

  • Please mark where you want the base of your tail to sit on the DTD. This should be at your tailbone.

  • Please be sure to write your name and your character's name on the DTD!

  • Work may not start until a proper DTD and/or required measurements are provided. If these are not received within 4 weeks of being requested, we reserve the right to cancel the commission and refund everything except the 30% non-refundable deposit.  Currency exchange fees and compensation for time will not be refunded.

  • I am not at fault if your measurements or DTD were incorrect and your suit does not fit as a result.

  • 'Premade' costumes are not guaranteed to fit the buyer. These costumes are ones that are designed to fit a broad range of people. Adjustments will not be made to premades unless discussed with us before the purchase.



  • Please remember that all 8Bit-Works fursuits are individually handmade by one person. They are unique pieces of wearable art that may have some slight imperfections or inconsistencies. 

  • If your the box that your fursuit comes in arrives damaged, please take photos of it before opening it.

  • If your suit inside the box has been damaged, please take photos and send them to me immediately. The postal/shipping service will need to be contacted. 

  • I am not liable for any damages caused by the postal/shipping services.

  • A custom fursuit from 8Bit-Works comes with a 60 day warranty starting from the day it was received by the commissioner. I am happy to repair any (rare) issues like holes, popped seams, failed adhesives, weak magnets etc that may be my fault. Misuse of your costume or deliberate damage to your suit will automatically void this warranty. Poor repairs or alterations by another fursuit maker or the client will also void this warranty.

  • Should your suit need repairs, please contact me to discuss them at

  • Return shipping to 8Bit-Works is not covered and the commissioner will have to cover the cost of it both to and from my workshop.

  • Large repairs can be discussed on a case by case basis and fees may apply.

  • Please clean your suit completely before sending it back to me. A cleaning fee will apply if you return ship a fursuit to me dirty.

  • Repairs after the warranty is over are available depending on my current queue and availability. Please email me to discuss it. Cost will depend on complexity and time.

  • I am not responsible for repairs that may be needed due to incorrect measurements or improperly constructed DTDs.

  • If repair, cleaning or shipping fees are not paid within 60 days and the client has not contacted 8Bit-Works about it, the project is considered abandoned. What happens to the suit and refunds are at my discretion depending on the circumstance.

  • Please do always contact me about any issues you may have with your suit, even if it is just to let me know what the issue was.

Thank you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me about any queries~
email me at

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